The facility accommodates about 60 guests and caters to them in a communal kitchen and dining area.

A lodge with 4 dormitory style bedrooms and a kitchen has been built for tour groups. Even without a group, local women can
be convinced to prepare dishes of local culinary treats.

At the end of 2008, 2 more cabañas were completed with private rooms including bathrooms.

Attractions include interpretative nature trails, bat caves, waterfalls, bird watching, a crater lake and a lookout tower.
El Ampopal is a community based ecotourism enterprise of members of the ejido Miguel Hidalgo, situated
on the slopes of the extinct volcano El Bastonal, on the northwest edge of the Sierra Santa Marta, about 15
road miles northeast from Catemaco, Veracruz.

The enterprise is named after Lago Apompal, a small volcanic lake within the community. The word Apompal
derives from the Apompo tree, in english known as the Money Tree, which bears a not very tasty fruit similar to
a mamey and produces an exuberant flower.

This communal ecotouristic venture has its roots in a project of the
Proyecto Sierra Santa Marta begun in 1997,
and at present primarily entertains eco-tourists bused in from Mexico City by an associated tour operator

Knowledgable guides have been trained to help discover Miguel Hidalgo´s solitary fields, trails & lake which
make for excellent bird watching or just communion with nature.
the village
Miguel Hidalgo
Description: village, ejido
Name: Mexican independence hero (1753 - 1811)
Population: 453 (2005), Altitude: 1850 feet
Economy: cattle, some crops, ecotourism
RECT - Ecoturismo Miguel Hidalgo
The Rio Cuetzalapan Valley
Ejido Miguel Hidalgo - El Apompal ecotourism
Cola de Caballo - Horse Tail waterfall
Poza Reyna -  waterfall and swimming holes
Poza Azul - a hanging bridge and swimming holes
Rancho Flores - a very basic ecotouristic ranch

Los Tuxtlas Ecotourism
Catemaco Attractions - in the hills
Catemaco Pueblos - in the hills
Leave Catemaco to the north towards the beaches, turn right towards Coyame and continue to Tebanca, where the
paved road ends. A few miles further, exit left into the Rio Cuetzalapan valley, then uphill about 5 miles. The last half
mile is paved.

There is infrequent pirata service (communal taxis) from the north depot in Catemaco.

Note: avoid road past Tebanca after heavy rains. App. 17 miles (1 hour) from Catemaco.
(Technically, you should also be wearing a 20 peso Biosphere bracelet)
community satellite telephone:
Interpretative Trails:
Different trails focus on knowledge of the main plants and animals and the way they are used by the villagers and their
interactions with them.

Bird Watching:
At early dawn guides lead visitors to see birds in the neighboring fields and forests and explains the interaction and
importance of birds to the regeneration of the Los Tuxtlas Biosphere. Bring Binoculars.

Visit a volcanic lake
Walk uphill to reach a small volcanic lake called Apompal, make a trip around its shore and surrounding forest and listen to a
guides explanations.

More pleasures:
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El Apompal
Miguel Hidalgo, Catemaco, Veracruz