Towards the end of the 19th century, a Cuban bought most of the southern edge of Laguna Catemaco
which is now occupied by La Victoria, Pozolapan and other small communities.

The Cuban in turn resold the terrain to two English tobacco farmers who named the major settlement La Victoria after the name
of one of their daughters. From 1898 to the beginning of the second world war, 3 Germans managed the hacienda while
building a mansion as their residence, now known as
La Casa del Aleman (house of the German).

By the end of the war the few remnants of the hacienda were abandoned and the mansion turned into a ruin.
Locals variously found use for the shell as a church and school, until completely abandoning it in the 1990's

A few years ago a plan to raze the remains and construct a community multi-function facility was fiercely fought by those
wanting to preserve part of their history.

At present  
La Casa del Aleman remains as haunting reminder of the change of fortunes in Los Tuxtlas.

Update: August 2009 - the Catemaco municipal government demolishes the structure and builds a
community social hall.
Casa del Aleman
La Victoria, Catemaco, Veracruz