Punta Tepeyaga, Laguna Catemaco
edge of laguna and on the point (punta)
undated rock drawings pieces
Angel R Cabada
central plaza of city
stela found at El Meson
El Chinal, Las Margaritas
private ranch above Las Margaritas
archaeological ruins of possibly a ball court, and small pyramid
in front of ayuntamiento (city hall)
post-olmec pieces, collected near Zapoapan de Cabañas
San Andrés Tuxtla
around central plaza
post-olmec pieces, collected near San Andrés, now housed in
Regional Museum of Los Tuxtlas
Most every community has a stone sculpture standing around its plaza or still lying in its surrounding fields.

The INAH, Mexico´s Institute for Anthropology and History, keeps records of archaeological finds in Mexico, and is totally
overwhelmed.  Of the many sites registered for Veracruz alone, only about 2000 have been catalogued.

It is financially simply not feasible to do much more than that agency is doing. So save your complaints when you see an
Olmec monument as a door stop.
Outdoor archaeology
Los Tuxtlas, Veracruz