The famous volcanic rock sculpture "El Negro", supposedly an ancient sacrificial monument, is reputed to channel powers and
attracts international channelers including actress Shirley McLaine.

The museum, founded in 1961, is housed in an attractive late 19th century structure which was burned during the Mexican
revolution and reconstructed various times since then. At present the museum's buildings form a corner of Santiago Tuxtla's
"charming" traditional town square.

exhibiting photos of regional customs.
The museum is open six days a week, excluding Monday, and is free to visit on Sunday, except for gringos who need to pay a 34
peso entry fee. Unfortunately its descriptive markers are only in Spanish.
This small, proud museum is located in the heart of Santiago Tuxtla, 30 miles before Catemaco, 2 blocks off  the Veracruz
highway. Exhibits at the museum span 3500 years of documented Tuxtlas civilization, ranging from the Olmecs and Totonacs to
later unnamed settlers from the Teotihuacan empire, plus several items from the colonial period. Included are 2 Olmec heads, both
the smallest (Cabeza de Nextepe) and largest (20 ton Cabeza de Hueyapan) heads ever found.
Tuxteco Regional Museum
Santiago Tuxtla, Veracruz