Popolucas in this region providing clues for their loss of
dominance over most of the Santa Marta region, including
copies of maps, old texts, photographs and other memorabilia.

The museum is off the Catemaco to Acayucan Highway,
accessible from the exit at Barossa via 6 km of an unpaved
country road. Entrance is free although a donation is
suggested. At the entrance to the village is the only touristy
Hidden in the foothills of the western Sierra de Santa Marta, lies the pueblo Santa Rosa Loma Larga. Primarily populated
by Popolucas, the inhabitants still conserve their traditions of jarocha music, traditional medicine, folk dances, weaving
and a rich oral history of myths and legends.

Archaeological vestiges of the olmeca, teotihuacana, Mayan, totonaca and zapoteca cultures have been unearthed in the
community, and a nearby stone quarry still retains an unfinished monument.

The Community Museum General Emiliano Zapata was inaugurated in 1995 and houses a collection of more than 50
archaeological pieces, including images of the corn goddess and the lord of spring, plus numerous metates, seals,
figurines and doughnuts. Photos document many of the historical pieces removed from the community.
Indigenous Community Museum
"General Emiliano Zapata"
Santa Rosa Loma Larga, Hueyapan de Ocampo, Veracruz