Acayucan is a municipio in southeast Veracruz state, east central Mexico,  on the
edge of the Sierra de Los Tuxtlas.

The same named county seat is the commercial capital of the Sierra Santa Marta.

Its name is derived from the Nahuatl language, meaning " in the well of the reeds".

Main access is  Highway 180 Catemaco - Minatitlan and also the Veracruz -
Villahermosa toll road.
Acayucan is part of the
Region: Olmeca,
Distrito electoral local: XXVI Acayucan  
Distrito electoral federal: XX Acayucan  

The municipio borders:
Huayapan de Ocampo y Soteapan  
South: San Juan Evangelista, Sayula de Alemán  
East: Soteapan, Soconusco y Oluta  
West: Juan Rodríguez Clara - info
Acayucan - enciclopedia
Acayucan - gobierno
Wikipedia - Acayucan
Acayucan had a population of 79,459  as of the 2005 census, including more than 5,900 indigenous people

The only major towns are the same named county seat with a population of 49,945, Corral Nuevo (3,350), and Dehasa
(3,156), plus another 17 communities with more than 500 inhabitants.
Population density is 110/km2, and growth is stagnant: 1995 (79 509), 2005 (79,459)

Illiteracy runs 15%, and on the poverty scale the municipio ranks at 1579 out of 2454.
About 4% of the inhabitants speak native languages, primarily Popoluca.
App. 6,700 families received 65 million pesos in 2008 of "Oportunidades" welfare funds.
61.2% of employed workers earned less than 2 minimum wages in 2005.

The 2008 municipal budget was 120.4 million pesos, 1,515 pesos per inhabitant.

The municipio occupies 725 km².
433 km² are dedicated to livestock, and 11,382 cattle were slaughtered in 2007.
Agriculture on 108 km² harvests mostly corn, sugar cane and palm oil.

It has a 65 km road net and as of 2007, 11,433 vehicles were registered, plus 7572 horses.

Central coordinates are 17°56′ 54″ N, 94°54′ 48″ W,  and the central altitude is 100m.
The highest elevation is probably less than 400 m.
None of the surface area is part of the Biosphere Reserve of Los Tuxtlas.
11.1% is considered part of the Sierra de Los Tuxtlas.