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Location: west of Catemaco City, along  the Rio Grande de Catemaco
Type: colonia (city section, suburb)
Name: Nahuatl - rocky river
Population: unknown
History: Settled by Popolucas early 1500's, now disappeared.
In the 1950's its large waterfall was converted into a dam for a hydroelectric plant
In the 1960's? a hotel was built along the river.
In 2004 a swampy area near the river was converted into a sewage treatment plant.
Economic Activity: fishing, tourism, slaughtering
Facilities: elementary and secondary schools, dams, sewage plant, only condominum in Catemaco
Tourism: trailer park, rental housing, river walk
Access: off Catemaco/Acayucan highway
Distance from Catemaco center: 1 km