saved documents
book excerpts
These are mostly political and scientific documents about Catemaco and Los Tuxtlas that tend to change links
or disappear from official sites.
Excerpts from some books.  The pages are photographs and will not translate
Articles or excerpts that I had a hard time finding or which have disappeared.
videos & slideshows
Videos & slides that I have a hard time finding again
Saved Documents
1831 - Excerpt about Catemaco - Estadisticas de Veracruz
1964 - R.F. Andrle - First in depth analysis of Los Tuxtlas in English
1966 - Some excerpts from Historia de San Andrés
1995 - Esbozo de Catemaco, excerpt from Búsquedas y Hallazgos
2009 - La Barra en semana santa - Francisco Aquilino Adame Nuñez
2009 - Sontecomapan - la casa del agua - Solís Pérez y Dorbecker
2009 - Caras y paisajes de Catemaco - Gianfranco Amantea
2008 - Mariposas de Veracruz - Murray Sullivan
2008 - Pasos hacia la sustentabilidad en Los Tuxtlas - Ceatux
Partially Annotated and Taxonomic Checklist of The Birds of The State of Veracruz, Mexico
by W. J. Schaldach, Jr.,  Catemaco, Veracruz, Mexico, 2003 (unpublished) is seriously damaged but should recuperate by late fall 2012