is not a government or chamber of commerce site.
It is a personal hobby publication.

I do not make reservations, rent homes, support brujos or do homework.
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I am not Mexican nor "Estadounidiense" although my last passport says the latter.
Neither am I a "Don" nor a gringo, although locally I've been nicknamed
Gringo", because a local  pendejo called me "Hey gringo" and I told him to change
that to "Don" Gringo.

Born in Belgium and raised in Germany, I emigrated to the US in 1959. I first
arrived in Mexico from Florida in 1962 to attend
Mexico City College, which is
now the Universidad de las Americas

In 1966 I emigrated to Australia and later lived for at least 6 months in 20 cities, 8
countries and 4 continents.

In 1988 I received US citizenship and continued to spend time in Venezuela, Baja
California, Southern California, Nevada  and Miami. In 2002 I decided to move to
Los Tuxtlas, primarily because there are mountains on the coast, it is near to  
Florida and I liked the look of the Catemaco lake.

I would have left in 2003, but a Popoluca bewitched me.

of internet references. Since actually moving here, that list has expanded. This
web site is essentially a way for me to maintain a public file cabinet. When or if it
will be filled - ¿
quien sabe?

I like comments, additions, suggestions, and especially corrections.

Feb 16 2005
Phone: (294) 949 2970 (Telcel 044)  
Address: Malecón, corner of Dos de Abril, Catemaco
Personal Blog: Catemaco News
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