The Mexican federal "Reserva de la Biosfera Los Tuxtlas" (Los Tuxtlas Biosphere Reserve) in the Sierra
de Los Tuxtlas, south central Veracruz, Mexico was created in 1998 by the consolidation of several other
protected areas dating as far back as 1934.

The Biosphere protects mostly the higher elevations of the volcanic mountain range, roughly above 300
meters, but also includes almost 120 kilometers of coast line. The major cities, and also Laguna
Catemaco, are not included.
Los Tuxtlas Biosphere Reserve
Veracruz, Mexico
The 3 nuclei of the Biosphere and the buffer zone.

There is almost a hundred year history of trying to protect Los Tuxtlas.

In Spanish - the decree establishing the Biosphere and its limits.

The Biosphere Reserve only owns less than 10% of the protected area.

Other Reserves
Private, community and government agencies have created numerous other
reserves within the Biosphere.

A synthesis of the Google internet about Los Tuxtlas plus a short bibliography.

Some large descriptive maps of the reserve.