Museums and Landmarks
Basilica del Carmen - the soul of Los Tuxtlas
Museo Tuxteco  - Santiago Tuxtla
Tres Zapotes Museum - Santiago Tuxtla
Museum of Santa Rosa - Museo Regional Comunidad Indigena Emiliano Zapata

Regional Museum - Museo Regional de San Andrés Tuxtla
Casa de Cultura  - San Andres Tuxtla
Maquina Vieja - the Palenque of Los Tuxtlas
Casa del Aleman - now destroyed

Xalapa Museum  - Treasures of Los Tuxtlas
Outdoor museums - various locations
Cundo's Gallery - antique photos and objects from Catemaco
El Cerrito - probably a pre-hispanic temple mound
A day at the museum can take a week in Los Tuxtlas.