Los Tuxtlas are an anomaly of volcanic mountains along the Gulf of Mexico, arising in the southern Veracruz
plains, and disconnected from the massive central Mexican volcanic plateau by more than 100 miles.

Historic isolation allowed Los Tuxtlas to retain large numbers of endemic species of fauna and flora, in the
furthest northern reaches of American rain forest, and much of the area is  now protected by a Mexican federal

Its spectacular geographic features ranging from coastal sand dunes, placid lagoons, roaring waterfalls and mist
shrouded dormant and extinct volcanoes, were first enjoyed by the Olmecs who originated the first
Mesoamerican civilization around 1500 BC.

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Los Tuxtlas Info
Covers most of the Los Tuxtlas living and cultural aspects from archaeology to zoology,
including its history, flora and people.

Includes data and photos of the major cities of Los Tuxtlas,
Santiago Tuxtla, San Andrés Tuxtla, Soteapan, Hueyapan de Ocampo,
Tatahuicapan de Júarez, Mecayapan, Pajapan and others.

Details of all the features of the Sierra de Los Tuxtlas from the coast to the top of volcanoes

The Biosphere
The Biosphere Reserve of Los Tuxtlas supposedly protects the remaining flora and fauna of the region.
Los Tuxtlas
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